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A lot has happened in the last year.

I am now an Assistant Professor of Art at Washburn University, teaching Printmaking and Sculpture. This new venture allows me the opportunity to work prodigiously on my work, and this, in turn, allows more time to think about what I am doing (some might consider this a dangerous situation). The extra clarity in my thoughts has led to some changes in my art. The body, which is (and will remain) paramount in my work, is becoming an element that is somewhat buried in the background - not so much an interment as an integration with its surroundings. I would like the figure to be an intrinsic part of the image, both conceptually and physically.

The power of simple geometry is becoming a fundamental part of my sculptures. Breaker, Pusher and Balancer display this aspect overtly. In fact, Arc is an echo of Balancer's inverted arc. The low broad segment of a much larger circle gives this structure a feel of continuation. I felt very strongly that the curve of Arc was exactly circular, and not a reversed catenary curve (a catenary is a curve described as a line suspended between two points, such as a power line or the main cables of a suspension bridge). A catenary has two definite end points while a segment of a circle does not.

I will be adding new art pieces much more frequently now that I have the time. I invite you to keep coming back to see what's new.

Michael Hager

October 12, 2012

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